25 Epic Travel Experiences for your Twenties

epic travel experiences for your twenties (on a budget)

Your twenties are THE PERFECT time to get out and experience the world. As soon as I finished school I was just itching to explore, and I’m so glad I did.

Now, at the halfway point in my twenties I’m taking stock and making the ultimate list of the 25 epic travel experiences to have in your twenties. I’m proud to say that I’m well over halfway through. What about you?

The best thing about this list is that none of it requires a big budget! It’s all about experiences that you’ll remember for a lifetime. The things that lead to wonderful friendships, open your eyes and shape who you are and who you wish to become.

1. Sleep under the stars

There’s nothing better to make you marvel at the size and beauty of our universe and wonder at our place within it!

2. Throw out the map

Ditch the map, leave the tourist attractions for another day and enjoy just being part of a new city.

3. Sit in a cafe and people watch

When you’re worn out from exploring there’s nothing better than watching the passing parade. Especially if you’ve got a buddy to commentate with 🙂

4. Hold a conversation in a foreign language

It certainly doesn’t have to be perfect (something I’m still coming to terms with!) As long as you can basically understand each other you have succeeded!

5. Face a fear

Whether it’s bungee jumping, scuba diving or simply trying a new cuisine, travel is the perfect time to push the boundaries of your comfort zone.

6. Go on a solo trip

Solo travel can be scary but it’s so, so worth it. You’ll find yourself achieving things you never thought possible on a daily basis and you’ll learn the essential life skill of being happy on your own at the same time.

7. Eat wherever the most locals are

Follow the (local) crowds and see what culinary treasures you uncover!

8. Take local public transport

Throw caution to the winds (within reason!) and go local. One of the best ways to get an insight into daily local life.

9. Climb a mountain

It’s just SO satisfying. Enough said, really!

10. Wear traditional clothing

If you’re given an opportunity to respectfully don traditional costume, take it! Lots of fun, laughs and bonding with new friends.

11. Go to a local festival

Such a fun, uplifting way to learn about new traditions, customs and religious celebrations. Go with an open heart and mind and enjoy!

12. Go on an epic road trip

Pack the car, prepare the playlist and really get to know the heart of a place. Whether you go overland or the coastal route you’re bound to be awed by the scenery.

13. Give back

When you head off into the world with the mindset that it’s not all about what YOU are going to get out of it your experience becomes richer and more meaningful. One of the best ways to experience local life and make long-lasting connections.

14. Swim under a waterfall

Because sometimes it IS all about chasing waterfalls!

15. Dance all night

Preferably on a beach! Just let go and have fun 🙂

16. Try food without knowing what it is

1. It’s polite    2. It’s adventurous     3. There’s potential for a hilarious video

17. Do a local homestay

Good food, great company and a truly local experience that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket! Perfect!

18. Go on adventures with the people you meet along the way

One of the best parts of travelling is the connections you make with people you meet along the way. Be spontaneous and head off on an epic side-trip with your new pals.

19. Hop on a bus/train with no notion of where you’re going

It can be scary to allow yourself to get completely lost, but it’s also a great exercise in trusting your instincts and trusting the locals. Exit maps and put the smart phone down!

20. Get off the grid

Going on a technology free getaway is truly relaxing. Forget about work emails, missed calls and even Facebook likes!

21. Learn to cook a traditional local meal

Whether you’re able to replicate when you get back home or not, it’s just a fantastic experience and could open your eyes to a whole new world of culinary wonders!

22. Bargain successfully

Successfully securing a meaningful keepsake or gift at a good price is super satisfying. But don’t haggle just for the sake of it; bargaining successfully doesn’t mean beating the vendor down to the lowest possible price, it’s more about reaching a price you’re both happy with.

23. Find your patch of paradise

Find that place that’s always pulling on your heartstrings, you never want to leave and always want to go back to.

24. Photograph/video it

Keeping a visual record of your travels is essential for sharing your experiences and inspiring others.

25. Write it down

Keep a travel journal or blog and you can always come back to reminisce and share the wanderlust with others.

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