Hey there lovely new friend!


I’m so glad you’ve found my humble internet home.

I like to think of Following Rafiki as a little oasis in the middle of this hectic life.

Come to embolden your heart, calm your mind and re-kindle the fire in your soul!

Are you ready to get on with the super important business of loving your life?

I thought so!

Do any of these sound like you?

you think you’ll be happier with your life after you get married/finish college/move house/have kids/get promoted etc.

you feel like meaningful, fulfilling pursuits are getting lost among the mundane aspects of life

you say you want to have adventures and killer new experiences, but find yourself pulled back
into your comfort zone, blaming lack of time/money/boyfriend etc.

you  feel uncomfortable when people ask you about your hobbies and end up answering with something you haven’t done for years

you want to lead with your heart and be a force for good in the world, but your heart feels unsettled and uncertain


Some nodding heads? No stress, sister! I get it. I’ve been there.

In fact, I am there. Because living intentionally and adventurously is not a destination. It’s a journey.

I hope you’ll join me.

Hey, I’m Stephanie


… and I’m your cheerleader, coach and waterboy(girl!) on your journey to build a meaningful life you love. I am passionate about helping women just like you live out your life’s purpose with courage and kindness.

I actually have lots of passions (and I’m pretty sure you do too!) but I didn’t always know it. There was a time not so long ago when I would’ve answered yes to every single one of the questions above.



6 years ago I was going through the motions. Drag myself out of bed, study, work, eat, collapse. Wake up
and do it all again.

Don’t get me wrong, things were pretty good. I was doing an excellent course at university, I was saving up, and I was healthy and surrounded by loving friends and family.

But something was missing. The passion and the purpose weren’t there. Without them I couldn’t truly connect with my identity. And the future was hazy at best.

I’ve been through a lot since then. And I can’t wait to start sharing that journey with you as you explore the blog and get to know me.


So where to from now, my lovely new friend?

First, let’s talk about passion.

You wanna light a fire in your soul, right? You wanna wake up each morning excited to be doing exactly what you’re meant to do, right?

Well, to light this fire we need three things: (1) big logs (2) kindling, and (3) you with a match in your hand.

You’ve read this far down so I think we can safely say that you’re ready with that match!

Now the big logs, they’re your purpose, baby! The reason, the big ‘why’. Purpose is what keeps that soul-fire burning for the long haul.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had any luck lighting a fire without kindling. So what’s kindling in this little metaphor? Passion, of course! 100% key to lighting your soul ablaze and living a life you love, passion and purpose go hand in hand.


My free gift to you . . .

guide-bundleYou can get started on that fire straight away by grabbing your free copy of the guide: Unearth Your Passion.

A perfect entry point into getting real with yourself and committing to living your best life, this 8-page guide is yours fo’ free when you sign up to join the inspiring Following Rafiki Community.

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