For the love of the tropics

An ode to the tropics… (or something a little less poetic)


Give me four seasons and I’d take it or leave it. Sure, you get balance and variety… but the tropics are just so damn sexy. They’re passionate and fiery, and they get under your skin. They’re the one that got away, the one you always lusted after, or that one, incredible holiday fling.

My love affair with the tropics began when I was 13. It was my first escape from the bleak Melbourne winter, and I was hooked. Beach days, warm nights… and it lasts ALL YEAR? Where could I sign up?

Although it would be 8 long years before I made the tropics my permanent home, like the one that got away, the idea of a life in the tropics never really left me.

Now in my fourth year of tropical bliss, I’ve decided it’s time to pay homage to my love, my muse and my heart-home – the tropics. So without further ado I give you… everything I love about the tropics (a.k.a. an un-poetic ode to the tropics):


The way everything slows down. People walk slower, talk slower, eat slower, live slower. What a fabulous way to be.


Tropical fruit. Ahhh all the mango, pineapple, melon, jackfruit, passion-fruit you could wish for. All year long… om nom nom


fruit market in the tropics


The way the palm trees sway lazily in the breeze. Is there any image that more perfectly sums up life in the tropics?


Night swims. Be it in a lake, at the beach, in a river, pool or watering hole, night swims are perfection. And plus, it’s hella romantic.


The way everything stops at midday. It’s too hot to function and the best thing to do is to take a nap. Yay naps!


palms in the tropics from below


Epic thunderstorms. No cold, miserable rain here. Sitting on the balcony, watching the show unfold.


The way the air feels right after rainy season ends. An enormous release. Everything feels fresh again.


Simple wardrobe. No jackets, coats or layers upon layers. Light, loose and fun clothes all year round.


golden sunset michamvi zanzibar tropics


The way the sun rises and sets. Nothing, nothing is more captivating than a tropical sunrise or sunset. Those are the colours of the heart.


Cold showers. Ah the bliss of the cool water to relieve the unrelenting humidity. Hot water is no longer a necessity.


The way that life revolves around the outdoors. Nature is Queen in the tropics. Kneel for the Queen, bend to her will and learn to adapt your life.


tropical sunset heart love


Aaaand last but certainly not least… Ice-cream is always a good idea!


So there you have it folks! Are you as tropics-crazy as I am? What do you love about it? Let me know in the comments!

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