Hipster Café Heaven: Melaka, Malaysia

I’m not really sure what I was expecting when we booked our spontaneous trip to Melaka – but it certainly wasn’t an abundance of delightful hipster cafés. Not that I’ve done my research, but I reckon Melaka could give my old Aussie hometown Melbourne a run for its money. (At least on hipster café to person ratio, or maybe per square foot. I’m not really a stats person. Anyways…)

We booked a room in a delightful guesthouse that was a sympathetically renovated shop-house right on the river. The location sold me on this one, even over other options which included breakfast (which is usually a must have for us). I’m so glad

(1) because the balcony overlooking the river was perfect for morning coffee and a book, listening to the boats chug up and down the river, and watching people stroll along the esplanade, and

(2) because we were forced to head out early and explore our breakfast options.

melaka river discovering melaka cafes

So what did we find? That quaint and humble Melaka is a veritable hipster café heaven! Here are my top 3 for you…


The Daily Fix

A small sign on the main touristy street (Jonker Street) indicates that The Daily Fix can be reached by passing through one of the ubiquitous gift shops.

The daily fix hipster cafe melaka malacca malaysia

It became immediately obvious that we had indeed found a classic hipster café, with mismatched antiques, artworks, suitcases and of course an old bike! The tables were old writing desks, with random stools and coloured woken chairs for seating.

But The Daily Fix is different from your average hipster café. The old knick knacks were interspersed with so much tropical greenery and the central courtyard provided an abundance of natural light. The overall feeling was both familiar AND fresh. It’s was excellent aesthetic, and a promising start.

daily fix cafe melaka malaysia

The vibe matched too; some seriously cool old school jazz tunes, complemented by casual, yet attentive service.

And the food? Well, what we had was excellent. A great variety of fresh, flavourful dishes with large but not ridiculous serving sizes (nothing deconstructed here!) as well as very nice coffees and interesting fresh juices. It really was a fantastic find.

daily fix meals melaka malaysia


Limau Limau Café

After such a successful first brunch at The Daily Fix we were sorely tempted to make it our regular. But in the end the adventurous spirit won out and the next morning we set out for Limau Limau Café.

The exterior was fairly uninspiring, and inside? Well, it couldn’t have been more different from our experience the day before. Small, brown, cramped… and if I’m honest, completely charming!

limau limau cafe melaka malaysia

Something about the place just said ‘welcome to the family, bring a book and stay a while’. It’s got to be a family run business, they probably live upstairs!

And from the simplicity of the décor you just know their attitude is ‘we let the food do the talking’.

The menu was limited (and they were out of coffee *gasp*) but we both enjoyed our meals and our juices very much!


Kaya Café

Inspired by our first two very different, but both incredible successful hipster café finds, on the third morning we set off to Kaya Café.

It was a late breakfast as we’d already climbed St. Paul’s Hill to check out the view and see the 16th Century church as well as the nearby ruins of the old Portuguese fort, A’Famosa.

st paul's hill melaka malaysia

We hadn’t managed to beat the heat, though, and were hot, sweaty and just about ready to jump into the river! (Not recommended as it was about the same colour as the coffee!)

We stumbled in past the people sitting out the front of Kaya Café (always a good sign) and practically fell into our chairs. The waitress kindly brought some water with our menus, and as we rehydrated we were able to drink in the intriguing beauty of the courtyard we found ourselves in.

Feeling human again, we ordered, and a delicious brunch was brought to us. They have an excellent menu covering breakfast, lunch and dinner. We very much enjoyed what we had, and I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get the chance to return for dinner as the range of pasta dishes looked tempting.

kaya cafe melaka malaysia

As you can tell, I’m no foodie blogger, but the cafés really were the surprise stand out from our little getaway to Melaka.

Which one looks like your style? Let me know in the comments!

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